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Premium Quality Since 1928

J.R. Brooks knew he had a better way to pack and ship tropical produce. And to prove this point, he rode a boxcar filled with his freshly grown Florida green-skinned avocados from Homestead, Florida to market in New York City.

That was 1928.

Today the company is headed up by his son, CEO Neal Palmer (Pal) Brooks and President Greg Smith.

The firm has built a reputation as a premier supplier of tropical fruits and vegetables across North America.

Key to this competitive edge is Brooks Tropicals' capability to harvest over 70% of what the firm sells, specializing in Caribbean Red and Caribbean Sunrise papayas, SlimCado avocados, starfruit or carambola, Persian limes and Uniq Fruit.

Brooks manages over 6,000 acres. In southern Florida, the company grows SlimCado avocados and starfruit. In Belize the company grows and packs their Caribbean Red and Caribbean Sunrise papayas.

In Belize and in Florida, Brooks' packing and cold storage facilities have repeatedly received outstanding marks in food safety from a leading third party auditor.


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