Auditor Programs

PrimusLabs Audit Software Users, Auditor Types

Self Auditors (1st Party)
Anyone can register to use PrimusLabs pre-built GAP and GMP audit and inspection templates. Registration and template use is FREE of charge. These kinds of audits are useful for meeting internal audit requirements and are also good preparation for 2nd or 3rd Party audit events.

Supplier Auditors (2nd Party)
Platinum clients can utilize their own Supplier Auditor account(s) on the PrimusLabs Food Safety Database system. The auditor can record audits of their supply chain with full access to the PrimusLabs entity data. Platinum users wishing to use of this service should contact Business Development (805 922 0055 or

Platinum clients can also work with PrimusLabs Information Systems Department to create their own food safety templates. Please contact Business Development to discuss the PrimusLabs programming services.

3rd Party Auditors
Audits performed by an auditor/auditing companies who are independent of the organization being audited.


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