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Duda, Farm Fresh Food

For over 80 years, DUDA Farm Fresh Foods, Inc. owned and operated by the Duda family has been growing good food for our nation and the world. From its start as a small 40-acre farm in central Florida, DUDA Farm Fresh Foods, Inc. has grown steadily to include primary agricultural production and shipping locations in California, Florida, Texas, Arizona, Georgia and Michigan with additional locations in 7 other states and Mexico.

We invite you to explore our site to learn more about our company and the fine, fresh products we grow.


Company website: http://www.duda.com

Fresh Domestic Fruits
DUDA Farm Fresh Foods, Inc. got its start in Florida. Today, the company grows its many varieties of fresh fruit in Florida, Texas, California, Mexico, Chile, Spain, South Africa, and Peru. From grapefruit to temples, tangelos to tangerines, the DANDY® brand represents the finest fruit these states have to offer.

For over 80 years, we´ve had a personal commitment to delivering only the very best. For our fruit crops, that means harvesting at the right time, choosing the finest fruit and, most of all, getting orders to our customers on time.


The Viera Company

Fresh Vegetable Sales
Eastern Vegetables Florida
Phone: (800) 342.DUDA Fax: (561) 992.5004


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Duda Farm Fresh Foods, Inc.

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