PrimusLabs contracts and relies on Azzule Systems to supply all their information system needs. With programmers and project managers based in the USA & Mexico this bilingual (English and Spanish) computer programming company provides PrimusLabs with data input & management software and website development. Azzule Systems also provides the software element of the PrimusLabs Platinum Program, and affords PrimusLabs the ability to offer fee based Platinum Program website customization services.

Azzule Systems provides data management solutions for today’s complex supply chains. Providing different methods of data input, data storage and data movement, Azzule Systems assists in meeting the diverse demands of their customers, including food retailers, the food service industry, distributors and retailers. Whether it's food safety data, sustainability data or any other form of valuable information, Azzule Systems can provide for your organization.

Supply Chain
The Azzule Supply Chain Program (SCP) is a web-based tool for user's to see their own and their suppliers data with the ability to forward data (as needed) to their customers. Primarily aimed at food safety data, this tool can be used for any data.

Bespoke Data Management
Azzule Systems builds web-based bespoke data management sites that allow users to review and analyze data in real time. Data can be handled from any industry sector including produce, meat, dairy, packaging, chemicals, etc. Data transfers from auditing companies, labs, suppliers, and other sources continuously feed into the user's website avoiding the need for storing emails or files. Furthermore, analysis of results and alerts can be built into your program.

Data Input
Azzule Systems builds data input systems for growers, packers, processors, auditing companies, and auditing schemes. Using the power of the internet, data can be entered, stored and distributed in a timely manner and alert interesting parties about their results. Azzule Systems can also use this electronic data to build results analysis tools and chart displays.



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Primus Group, Inc. is a privately held investor-owned California corporation providing microbiological and pesticide residue analysis of food, database management services, and management of third party auditing schemes.