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Commodities Supplied by West Lake Fresh

        Lettuce, Baby mixed
        Bell Peppers
        Tomato, Bola
        Brussels Sprouts
        Onion, Bulb
        Tomato, Cherry
        Tomato, Grape
        Onion, Green
        Pepper, Jalapeno
        Mixed Greens
        Mix Salad
        Cabbage, Napa
        Tomato, Roma
        Lettuce, Red & Green Butter
        Lettuce, Red & Green Leaf
        Tomato, Saladette
        Baby Frisee
        Baby Spinach
        Bok Choy
        Lettuce, Butter
        Chili Pasilla
        Collard Greens
        Endive Escarole
        Tomato, Gordo
        Green Beans
        Lettuce, Head
        Lettuce, Leaf
        Lettuce, Mixed
        Mustard Greens
        Lettuce, Romaine
        Lettuce, Red & Green Boston
        Cabbage, Red & Green
        Lettuce, Red & Green Romaine
        Cabbage, Savoy
        Spring Mix
        Turnip Greens
        Kabocha Squash
        Yellow Squash
        Green Zuccinni
        Pepper, Poblano
        Pepper, Habanero
        Pepper, Serrano
        Pepper, Anaheim
        Bell Pepper, Green
        Bell Pepper, Red
        Pepper, Suntar
        Onion, Red

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