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Shipping Discounts Revolutionize Rural Lab Testing: A Case Study

The Challenge: High Quality Lab Testing without the High Costs

A mid-sized food company began as a single operation in 1970, but grew to offer local, fresh offerings from eight facilities across North America. With multiple growing and packing operations across six U.S. states, including processing throughout the U.S. and Mexico, the company developed a large environmental monitoring program to monitor and track the movement of pathogens and minimize their risk. For years, the company worked with laboratories near each of their locations.


However, the company grew unhappy with the level of service it was receiving and the lack of innovative test offerings. When it examined overnight shipping costs to send to possible other laboratories, it found the costs to be prohibitive, adding hundreds of dollars to an already narrow food-safety budget. On top of that, its local lab was generally providing results in 48 hours, and waiting an additional day was going to be burdensome to their program.


The Solution:


This company took advantage of PrimusLabs discounted shipping rates through FedEx, with PrimusLabs providing it with the appropriate shipping labels. By utilizing PrimusLabs’ mailing discounts with several major couriers, clients can end up with significant savings on shipping costs. These reduced costs afford clients the opportunity to afford PrimusLabs’ state-of-the-art laboratory locations across North America.


The Results:

  • The company saved hundreds of dollars per month versus shipping without the discounts.
  • PrimusLabs worked directly with the customer to evaluate the best shipping options to each of their laboratories in North America.
  • Before, the company was incurring unnecessary costs by having to pay for their local lab’s courier services, or having to pay their personal staff to deliver samples to the lab. Along with the free sampling kits provided by PrimusLabs, the shift to PrimusLabs testing saved the company a significant percentage of its overall sampling and shipping costs and made PrimusLabs a better solution for its laboratory testing.


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