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Microbiological & Pesticide Residue Testing Laboratories

One of the biggest advantages to testing with PrimusLabs is our scientists’ and technician’s friendly familiarity with your samples. Our knowledge of the nuances of testing particular commodities, their idiosyncrasies, etc., as well as our personal knowledge of your specific testing needs sets us apart from other laboratories.

PrimusLabs’ analysis and reporting systems are fully integrated with and powered by the Azzule platform for supply chain management and compliance. Your results are stored safely in a cloud system where you can choose to connect your compliance data directly to the industry’s top buyers as well as many other customers. Take advantage of the power of Azzule Analytics to monitor yours or your suppliers programs and catch outliers before they become problems!


From the fully-automated BAX system for microbial pathogen detection to LC-MS/MX and GC-MS/MS for residue detection, our laboratories are equipped with the best technologies.


Degreed Chemists and Microbiologists in all of our laboratory locations ensures your samples are handled by experienced food safety scientists.


Our laboratories are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year to provide customers with perishable products answers when they need them.


Residue lab leads industry with 24-48 hour turn-around. Micro labs utilize BAX high throughput to accelerate testing while maintaining the highest quality and accuracy.


Powered by Azzule Systems, PrimusLabs data integration tools provide our clients with customized reporting and analytics.


QA oversight in all locations utilizes approved methodologies, participation in Proficiency Testing (PT) programs, and laboratory accreditation.

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In the past, laboratories, auditing companies, and other third party services used completely separate reporting methods and data management software, resulting in the constant uploading, downloading, sending, receiving, organizing, re-organizing, reviewing, validating, and re-validating. It’s an exhausting thought.

PrimusLabs has teamed up with Azzule Systems and designed a better way.

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Besides the around-the-clock availability of our laboratories and scientists, our samplers are also accessible whenever and wherever you need samples to be collected. Shuttle service is available for quick deliveries of samples to our laboratories. Ask about our discounted shipping rates for quick shipment where sampling and shuttles may not be available.

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