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Electronic Signature on PrimusLabs App Creates Buzz

One of the most popular additions to Azzule’s new PrimusLabs app is the electronic signature feature, released in April 2020.


The electronic signature feature obviates the need for lab results to be exchanged multiple times to secure the signature of the lab client. There is no-charge for use of either the app or the electronic signature feature for PrimusLabs customers. Users can sign up to 5,000 results at one time.


PrimusLabs’ app users have been particularly excited about the ease with which they can now digitally sign results, as the feature saves time and offers users greater convenience by making audit compliance that much easier. FSMA’s Produce Safety Rule necessitates that required documents (including laboratory test results) “must be reviewed, dated, and signed, within a reasonable amount of time after the records are made, by a supervisor or responsible party” (21 CFR 112.161(b)).


Because the results are released in granular format, users can also sort and analyze the lab data.


Keep an eye open for an upcoming webinar to be offered in October to help customers utilize the feature. The PrimusLabs app is available through users’ SCP accounts. Just click the app menu, and select the PrimusLabs app icon. For more information, contact or call 805.354.7127.